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    Custom Linear Ball Bushing? Bearings

    Linear Ball Bushing Bearings customization options

    While the full selection of standard Thomson Ball Bushings and support accessories continues to meet the needs of countless linear motion designs, some applications’ requirements call for these products to be customized. No matter the configuration, our custom products deliver the optimal balance of performance, life and installed cost, and provide great flexibility to help you achieve a “just-right” solution.

    Our experienced engineers can assist you to ensure your part selection is right the first time, while our support staff oversees proper initial application and comprehensive support once installed.

    Available Customization Options


    • Corrosion-resistant balls and bearing plates
    • Nylon balls or alternating nylon/steel balls for quiet operation
    • Food-grade and other user-defined greases
    • User-defined etchings and markings

    Pillow Blocks

    • Mounting flanges
    • User-defined mounting holes
    • Dowel pins for alignment
    • Other shapes to integrate into an end machine
    • Special materials or hardware for washdown, corrosion resistance and high temperatures
    • Adjustable housings for preload and stiffness

    Provide some basic information to begin the customization process.

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